Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This morning as I packed my husbands lunch and sent him out the door there was a forecast of rain and the roads would be slick - so I prayed:  "Lord please keep my husband safe.  Please surround his car with your hand."  But, then I was assailed with doubts, "I've prayed that prayer so much - maybe I've used up all the goodness. Maybe God is tired of hearing it."  And then like a sword cutting through darkness - came the memory of a Bible Verse:  "His Mercies are New Every Morning."  New!  Not stale.  Not old.  Not even refrigerated from yesterday.  They are New.  Every Morning.
  O comfort.  O Joy. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

So, the fact is, I can't write for more than an hour without a break.  I get up and get something to eat and then come back and write about my desire to lose weight.  


I am working on three new books -- and in the mean time I'm reading Barbara Abercrombies book:  A year of writing dangerously: 365 Days of Inspiration and Encouragement.  (I LOVE THIS BOOK!)
Here are the books I'm working on now:
1.  A novel of humorous proportions about a semi dysfunctional Christian: Sherry Smith has Faith, Hope and Issues.

2.  A memoir of my writing Career:  Publishing Shock: how I went from serving cokes to signing autographs and lessons learned along the way. (funny and informative)

3.  A Memoir in Devotional Form:  To God and Back.  (Pungent and Profound and partly funny).

I would love to hear from you - on which of the above books  book you want to read.  Please email me at and put "my choice" in the subject line.  Thanks!